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When we search about Newsreaders, there is always one name that keeps emerging. That is “Newsbin.” Newsbin has earned the reputation of one of the best newsreaders in the market, and it offers several advanced features to its users. Newsbin Newsreader was developed in 1995, and since its inception, it has been under constant development. Newsbin is one of the first Newsreaders at that time.
Newsbin newsreader is the best when it comes to providing usability and accessibility to its users. Its advanced features like NZB support, Advanced Security, User-friendly User Interface are a big plus. You will also be in need of a Usenet Service and we recommend TweakNews.

Newsbin offers you the variety of packages, and you can choose any plan you choose.
Newsbin has the integrated search which allows you to search the binaries available. Integrated search have the spam filters which enable you to hide the garbage posts often found in Newsgroups. You can subscribe to integrated search for

  • 3 Months Subscription to Unlimited searched and Auto Renew. The price of the package is 15 USD for 3 Months which is 5 USD per month.
  • 6 Months Subscription to 500 Searches per month and Auto Renew. The price of the package is 15 USD which is 2.50 USD per month.
  • 1 Year Subscription to 500 Searches per month. The price of the package is 30 USD which is 2.50 USD per month.
  • Newsbin also offers you the package which is “Newsbin pro with Usenet Search.” The package is available for 30 USD, and it offers the following Features
  • 1-year standard search subscription
  • More than 3000 days in indexed
  • Free Key for Newsbin pro
  • Automatic processing of RAR/PAR sets
  • Dynamic download folder configuration
  • License for 3 machines
  • NZB Compatibility & Support
  • Built-in File download Scheduler

Still, if you don’t want the Usenet search and only Newsbin Newsreader, you can have the Newsbin key for 20 USD without Usenet Search.

Free Trial
Newsbin offers you to test the Newsbin Newsreader and allow you to have full access to every feature of the newsreader. The trial period is limited to 15 days, and after the trial period you can buy the Newsbin Key, or you can cancel.

NZB Support
Newsbin was one of the first Newsreaders to adopt the NZB format. NZB format is XML format which is used to retrieve the files from the Usenet. Newsbin is fully compatible with the NZB format and one of the most convenient for using NZB format.

Platform Newsbin Support
Newsbin was developed for Microsoft Windows, and since then the company decided to limit the software to the Microsoft Windows only. So if you are Mac or Linux user you will have to search for other Newsreader, you can check our website for the reviews of other Newsreader. Newsbin is available for 32-bit and a 64-bit system.
The software is easy to install, all you have to do is to download the package and install it.
During the setup, you will enter your credentials. In the next step, the software will ask you to opt for a trial period or enter the registration key for the access.

User Interface
When we select any software, we always choose the software with best User Interface as it allows you to use the software efficiently. Newsbin Newsreader was designed with the aim to provide the best User experience. To achieve this goal the company dedicated their resources and team to make the best User interface possible. Newsbin Newsreader undoubtedly has one of the best User Interfaces available.

Newsbin Tutorials
Newsbin has been around since 1995, and they have the large user base. Thousands of users use the Newsbin Newsreader daily, to serve them well Newsbin have the tutorials for them about how to use the Newsbin and troubleshoot common problems.

Speed Limiter
Different users have different preferences, some of them dedicate their whole bandwidth to the Usenet connection, and some of them want to limit the bandwidth allocation. Newsbin enables you with the speed limiter option in which you can limit the speed of your bandwidth to the Usenet connection. There is also an option to automate the speed limiting by setting the time; you can set the speed limit on and off.

System Friendly optimization
One of the reasons why Newsreader is on the top is its resource management. The Software is system friendly, and unlike other Newsreaders, it does not go after your system’s RAM and slow your computer performance. With the latest Newsbin Newsreader it is possible to load newsgroups with more than million headers in just 150 MB of RAM.

Duplicate File Detection
Newsbin Newsreader is studded with features which give you the best user experience and save your data. Duplicate File detection mechanism tell you that if you have downloaded the particular file before. Whenever you download the file and file named “signature.db3” saved in the database, so whenever you will try to download the file which is downloaded before Newsbin will tell you about it. This feature is best for you if you download dozens of the file. It will save your time and your data as well.

Downloading Thumbnails
Newsbin also has the Downloading Thumbnails, which allows you to download the thumbnails of the binary or file you want to download. It will help you to know what you are downloading.

File Download Scheduler
File Download Scheduler enables you to schedule the downloading session for the files. You can set the time to start the downloading session.

Search by Filters
Newsbin Newsreader allow you to search with filters which mean you can customize your search results. Newsbin Newsreader have the following filters

  • Cross-post filter
  • Minimum file size filter
  • Maximum file size filter
  • Age Filter

Newsbin By default come with the TLS encryption technology. TLS encryption is the advanced form of SSL encryption technology. Both TLS & SSL encryption technologies encrypt the data at server and user end so no one can meddle or manipulate the data. TLS uses the advanced encryption algorithm. If your server doesn’t support the TLS, Newsbin will drop back to the SSL.

Development & Tech Support
Newsbin has the dedicated teams which are continuously working on the Newsbin Newsreader to make it more useful and stable. So you will get the constant updates with time.
Newsbin customer support is available 24/7, and you can reach them through email for tech support. They will get back to you within 12-24 hours. Normally they contact you in 2-4 hours depending on the volume of queries.

You can also contact them by Phone or Fax, but the phone and Fax are limited to billing issues only.
Phone: 703-250-0855
Fax: 703-250-0856

Features Summary

  • Built-in Usenet Search
  • NZB Support
  • User-Friendly User Interface
  • System Friendly Optimization
  • Duplicate File Detection
  • Downloading Thumbnails
  • File Download Scheduler
  • Search By Filters
  • Security
  • Development & Tech Support

Newsbin Pro has all the features newsreader, and it offers you great Usenet experience. Built-in Usenet search engine is very efficient and gets your results in no time. Features like NZB support, Advanced Security, User-friendly User Interface are a big plus. The Newsbin development is dedicated to giving you the best features, and you can expect great features in the future. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro user, you will fall in love with the Newsbin. If you are not sure, you can try Newsbin for free for 15 days and decide if Newsbin is good for your or not. Try Today!

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