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Newshosting NewsReader is one of the top Usenet providers; it is US based company started in 1997. There are other Usenet providers who more or less offers the same services like Newshosting, but there are additional features which make the Newshosting pioneer in Usenet . Newshosting Newsreader is one of those services.
Newshosting offers the premium Newsreader for free to its users; Newsreader is equipped with many advanced features. You will get the Newshosting newsreader for free with a subscription of Newshosting packages; the company offers a variety of packages, the company’s lite package start at 10$ per month, unlimited package start at 12.95$ per month and XL powerpack package start at 15.83$ per month. The company offers the following features to their package subscribers

  • 50 GB data for Lite package, unlimited data for Unlimited & Powerpack users
  • 30 connections for lite and unlimited package users, 60 connections for power pack users.
  • VPN Service
  • Free Usenet Newsreader
  • SSL Encryption

Other features
The Newsreader has a very clean look, and you can find the features very easily.

Free Trial
Newshosting offers the 14 days free trial to its users which is limited to 30 GB data. You will get all features, Newshosting offers which include the Newshosting Newsreader also.

Newsgroups Access & Retention period
The company offers the 3294 days of retention period which is one of the highest in Europe and US. With a subscription you will get access to more than 100,000 Newsgroups.

Newshosting Newsreader will be available for download once you subscribe to the package by Newshosting. Newshosting newsreader is available for 3 operating systems, Windows, Mac, and Linux. The company offers the max usability; you will not have to do the configuration of your Newsreader, Newsreader will be preconfigured to the Newshosting, so all you will have to do is to download it and start using it. To start using the Newsreader, you will have to enter the login credentials to get the full access to the Newsreader features.

Newshosting Newsreader is studded with advanced features and it’s user-friendly User Interface adds more to its usability. The Newshosting Newsreader offers the following features to its users.

User Interface
Newshosting Newsreader has a user-friendly interface, the shortcuts available on the secondary navigation bar are also handy. The built-in search feature on the right top corner allows you to search the content anytime you want.

Searching Newsgroups
In Newshosting Newsreader you get the built-in search engine, in which you can search anything, and It will get you the required results. Newshosting search engine also has Binsearch so that users can choose between Newshosting or Binsearch for search. The search engine is very useful, and there is very little chance that it won’t get you the result you are looking for. You can also automate the search in the newsreader. To automate the search, you will have to enter the required perimeters to search. You can automate or customize the search by file type which can be documents, images, audio and video, Language, i.e., English, French, German, etc.
Newsreader also supports the NZB format which means you can use the NZB files to download the content from the Usenet. You can import the NZB files in the newsreader through the import section in newsreaders. You can also enable the NZB Auto import features which will automatically import the NZB file from the specified NZB folder and will delete it after the download has completed.

This method is very useful as it will get you all the RAR files related to the NZB but the only disadvantage of using this method is that it is slow. The process will take time to complete.


Newshosting Newsreader also allows you to preview before you download. This feature helps you a lot it will save you time as well as your data.
Newsreader also has built-in image previewer, so you will not have to open the file in the separate previewer.

Auto Repair & Extract
Newshosting has other advanced features, but this feature is very popular as it will save on storage on your computer. After downloading the Newshosting Newsreader, you won’t have to download software like WinRAR, Quickpar, etc. Auto repair and extract feature repair the files at the end of downloading session and will also extract or unzip the files. Newsreader will repair the downloaded file using available PAR files and will unzip them.

Download & Speed
Newshosting offers the high-speed connection to its users. It also depends on the package you choose; the power pack package holders get the unlimited speed. Newshosting Newsreaders allow you to maximize the speed, but if you want to limit the speed, you can do it in the settings. Downloading the content using Newsreaders is very easy, all you will have to do is to double-click the file, and you will get the prompt for download confirmation, your newsreader will handle the rest.
Newsreader also enables the Scheduled download feature, in which you can schedule the download session and newsreader will start the downloading session at a particular time.

Security & Privacy
The Newsreader use the SSL encryption technology for downloading the content. SSL encryption is advanced encryption technology which encrypts the data at user and server end. Newsreader also allows you to use the multiple ports.

Auto Update & 24/7 Customer Support
Unlike other Newsreaders, you will get the update as there is a team of professional in Newshosting working to make the Newsreader better and add more features. So if there is an update, you will get it first and update your newsreader.

You will also get the 24/7 customer support from Newshosting; you can contact the support anytime you want, and they will help you.

  • Features Summary
  • Free Premium Newsreader
  • Built-in Usenet Search is featuring Newshosting & BinSearch.
  • User-friendly UI
  • Automated Search & Download
  • Video & Image Preview
  • Auto repair & unpack
  • Support Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Newshosting Newsreader offers you premium features for free. User-friendly interface with advanced features like Automated search and download, Auto repair and unpack, increases the usability. Video preview also helps the user to sneak peek  before downloading it is a big plus. Newshosting Newsreader is already configured to the Newshosting, so you won’t have to do the long and tiring process of configuration. Unlike other Free Newsreaders, you will get the regular update for the Newshosting Newsreader. Paid Newsreaders also offers the updates, but they charge you the sizeable amount for their services and Newshosting offering the same premium features with 24//7 customer support for free.  We recommend the Newshosting Newsreader.

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