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UsenetBucket is a Netherland based Usenet service provider, and it offers affordable packages to its users. The company is known for its affordable packages and excellent customer support. The company’s website is great it is esay to navigatge to find information you need. You can access the website in major languages including German, Swedish, French, Dutch, Portuguese and English.

The company provides Usenet Access to its users at very nominal price. It gives access to more than 85000+ Newsgroups. The retention period is 1600 days which is not the best, but it is good. The company offers the unlimited speed to its users with 25 concurrent threads. If you are looking for a Usenet Provider with better retention we recommend TweakNews. The company offers 7-day free trial to its users and UsenetBucket doesn’t require any credit card or financial details to start the trial. You can also sign up for a free trial through Facebook, and you will get extra 20 GB data.

The company doesn’t record your online activity. UsenetBucket provides you the highest online protection. The company uses “two fish encryption” with some additional technologies which result in 512-bit encryption which is very remarkable. The company also doesn’t record anyof your data even at the time of subscription; all payments are processed by certified and well-respected payment providers.
The company offers the best customer support. They are available 24/7 to serve you. They provide a variety of payment option; they even accept Bitcoin payment.

Pricing & Packages
UsenetBucket offers 3 plans for its users. These packages are affordable and offer great features and speed.

Basic Bucket is available for 2,95 Euros per Month. This package can serve the basic users and offer 10 Mbit of speed. Basic Bucket offers the following Features

  • 10 Mbit
  • 10 Concurrent connections
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • SSL Support
  • Usenet Access
  • 1600 days of the retention period for both binary & text files.
  • Privacy
  • 99% Completion rate
  • 24/7 customer support

Comfort Bucket is available for 4,95 Euros per Month. This package can serve the average users and offer 40 Mbit of speed. Comfort Bucket offers the following Features

  • 40 Mbit
  • 10 Concurrent connections
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • SSL Support
  • Usenet Access
  • 1600 days of the retention period for both binary & text files.
  • Privacy
  • 99% Completion rate
  • 24/7 customer support

Ultimate Bucket is the premium plan, and it is available for 12,95 Euros per Month. This package can serve the pro Users and offer 400 Mbit of speed. Ultimate Bucket offers the following Features:

  • 400 Mbit
  • 25 Concurrent connections
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • SSL Support
  • Usenet Access
  • 1600 days of the retention period for both binary & text files.
  • Privacy
  • 99% Completion rate
  • 24/7 customer support
  • The company also offers you discount by using promo code. You can get the promo codes through their partners and avail your discount.

Free Trial

The company offers a free trial for 7 days to its users. You can avail your free trial by connecting Facebook or providing details in the Free Trial signup form. You will get extra 20 GB of data if you use the Facebook for signing up.
In the Trial period, you get the following features

  • 7 days of Free Usenet Access
  • 400 Mbit
  • 25 Connections
  • SLL Support
  • 1600 Days of retention period
  • 99% Completion rate.
  • The Free trial stays valid for 7 days, but it can be terminated if you violate the following rules
  • Invalid name
  • Disposable e-mail address
  • Signing up through proxy server
  • You have requested multiple accounts
  • The domain used is known for sending spam

Retention & Completion
UsenetBucket offers 1600 days of retention period on both binary and text files. The completion rate is 99% which is good.

Connections & Speed
UsenetBucket offers the highest of 400 Mbit speed for its Ultimate Bucket plan subscribers. Basic Bucket holder gets the speed of 10 Mbit, and Comfort bucket plan holders get 40 Mbit of speed.
The company offers the maximum of 25 concurrent connection to its Ultimate subscribers while others get the 10 concurrent connection per account.


UsenetBucket is one of the most affordable Usenet service providers, and it also offers some amazing features with excellent speed.
The company provides access to more than 85000+ newsgroups and provide retention period of 1600 days. The completion rate is 99%.
User’s privacy is also secured by “two fish encryption” with some additional technologies. The company also doesn’t share any of its user’s data. All of the payments go through the trusted and certified payment providers. The company have an unambiguous policy about the plan cancellation. You can cancel the subscription any time you want.
The company offers you the great customization and control over your control panel. The control panel allows you the following features

  • Editing personal details
  • Editing your account settings
  • Change your current bucket plan
  • Download payment invoices
  • Current promotions
  • Manage customer support tickets

The Control panel also offers all other general features. UsenetBucket also provides the opportunity to join their Customer advisory panel which allows you to participate in improving UsenetBucket. Customer advisory panel members also get some perks and few extra free days of UsenetBucket.

The company doesn’t have their  own Newsreader, but you can use popular third-party Newsreaders like SABnzbd, NZBGet, and Unison which offers the advanced features like Auto search, Auto Downloading, Auto Repairing, Auto unpacking and other prominent features for free.

The company also has their blog. The blog has user-friendly UI and provides information about the New developments, Articles, and promotions.

  • UsenetBucket uses the services of trusted and certified payment providers for its transactions. The company use the services of following payment providers
  • Stripe is the US based technology company which operates in the 25 countries.
  • is a Netherlands based payment service provider, and it’s very popular in the region.
  • BitPay is a Global Bitcoin payment service provider. It was founded in 2011.
  • Payment providers handle the following payment methods
  • Stripe deals with the all credit card payments
  • deals with the iDeal, Sofort, Mister Cash, and Paysafecard payments
  • BitPay deals with the Bitcoin payment.

UsenetBucket doesn’t offer VPN service to its users. VPN allows you to use the Usenet and the internet with total anonymity. You can use Free VPN services like VPNReactor which offers the following features for free

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switches
  • Unlimited Speed
  • OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP protocols
  • Secure 128-bit encryption
  • Privacy with no logging policy
  • Worldwide servers

The UsenetBucket doesn’t have their Newsreader. UsenetBucket is compatible with all major Newsreaders. You can use free Newsreaders like NZBGet and SABnzbd which offer the advanced features like

  • Easy setup
  • Auto search to automate the search by defining search perimeters
  • Auto download
  • Auto repair the files at the end of downloading session
  • Auto unpack to unzip the compressed files
  • Multi-languages support

NZB Compatibility
The UsenetBucket is completely compatible with NZB format, and it supports the all major NZB software like Radarr, Sonarr, and NZBGet.

Customer Support
The company offers exceptional customer support, and the staff is very responsive. They have an average first response time of 24 minutes which is remarkable.
The company has a dedicated FAQ section which provides a solution to all common problems and answers to all questions. Users can search their queries using the search function in FAQ section.

UsenetBucket website has user-friendly UI and explains all features. The website also has some Video links to the tutorials on how to use Usenet and UsenetBucket.
You can contact the customer support by filling the Contact form, or you can e-mail the customer support.

  • You can also contact the UsenetBucket through the postal address.
  • Planetenveld 35
  • 3893 GE Zeeworlde
  • The Netherlands

UsenetBucket is Good Usenet service provider, and it provides the quality services at a very reasonable price. The company also provides high-speed connection.
UsenetBucket lacks in few areas. The retention period is not very high compared to its rivals. There are Usenet providers who provide retention period of more than 3800 days. The company also lacks in the packages section, although the price is very reasonable. there is not much choice for pro users and average users. UsenetBucket can introduce more packages to cater the pro and average users. There are also some concerns about the numbers of Newsgroups, UsenetBucket offers access to 85000+ newsgroups, but still, when we compare it to other Usenet networks, UsenetBucket doesn’t shine. Other Usenet providers provide access to more than 100,000 Newsgroups.
The company have excellent customer support and they also take care of user’s privacy by providing SSL encryption. The company also offer very affordable packages so if you are new to Usenet, you should try the UsenetBucket and signup for their free trial. It’s free you can cancel it anytime. So get Started NOW!

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