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GingaDaddy is an NZB site which has been in operation since 2008. The site gives you access to more than 900,000 NZBs, and you will be able to search NZB’s by subject or Topic. The site aims to provide the simple yet premium NZB experience. We have rated GingaDaddy as one of the best NZB sites. They offer a free account for all users and premium account is also available with premium features. You will need a Usenet Service Provider and we recommend that you signup for TweakNews.

GingaDaddy is based on Newsznab+ which makes it easy to navigate. The indexer index Usenet Newsgroups it searches every 15 minutes. In previous years  it was limited to invites only so you couldn’t sign up for GingaDaddy. but now everyone can join the site. Just visit the site and provide required credential and become a member of one of the best NZB site for free.

GingaDaddy offers retention period of 2000 days for more than 900,000 NZBs listings. Users also get free access to a forum where other users interact with each other and share information.

To use the NZB, you will need a Usenet provider. Usenet providers give you access to Usenet and newsgroups. There are several Usenet providers like Newshosting, Tweaknews, and Eweka.

Pricing & Packages
The company offers two type of memberships to its users;

Paid and Free membership. Free Account subscription is free however you get the limited features. Paid Account Subscribers get the premium features.

Paid Account subscription is valid for one year, and it is available for 17$ per year.
The free Account holder can upgrade their account to Paid Account and get the premium features anytime they want.

Free Account Offer the following Features to its subscribers

  • As it is the free account, you will be limited to the 3 NZBs per day.NZB grabs are also limited for the free account holders.
  • Free account holders get free access to the community forum where they can interact with other users.
  • Retention period of 2000 days
  • SSL security to ensure your online protection.
  • The free account is Free after all and GingaDaddy displays some Ads.

Paid Accounts Give you access to premium features with no Ads. We recommend you to have this Package as it is available for only 17$ per year and it gives you bunch of excellent features

  • You will get unlimited NZBs
  • Unlimited NZB Grabs for the Paid Account holders
  • Ads free account mean no annoying Ads and quality experience.
  • Access to VIP Index
  • SSL security to ensure your online protection.
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Free Access to the forum for discussion, chats and other things.
  • Access to the Exclusive section of the forum.
  • Retention period of 2000 days

Retention Period

Retention period can be defined as the period for which you can get an article from a Newsgroups and download at max bandwidth. GingaDaddy offers retention period of 2000 days.

GingaDaddy is an excellent site and gives access to more than 900,000 NZBs for its users. Users can use advanced features to search NZB files. This NZB service also allows the users to see the details of each NZB file and can read comments and reviews of other fellow users.

  • Users can generate the API key after filling the RSS form that appears on the account details page. Users can learn how to use your API with the likes of Sonarr, NZBGet, SabNZBD, Couchpotato and much more.
  • The free account holder are entitled to get 3 API calls a day, but you can extend it to unlimited API calls by signing up for Paid Package.
  • GingaDaddy gives a great opportunity to its users. This NZB site offers options to search the item by topic, category, recommended or latest. GingaDaddy also gives you the option to apply its filters which filtered the items by its category, size, and age of the posts. The Indexer runs after every 15 minutes.

NZB’s from this site can be used with any Newsreader, and you will also need a quality Usenet provider. We recommend you to use Newshosting as it is one of the Best Usenet Providers and provide Quality services at affordable price. Newshosting also gives you the retention period of 3289 days which is one of the highest in the region. Newshosting also provide features like

  • NZB Compatibility
  • 3289 days of retention period
  • 99% Completion rate
  • Free VPN & SLL encryption
  • Unlimited Data
  • Blazing speed up to 140 Mbps
  • Free Usenet browser
  • Newsreader
  • Usenet Access
  • Total privacy
  • Customer support

GingaDaddy provides 2000 days of retention. Which means you can download NZBs within 2000 days, and you will get the max bandwidth. The company also uses SSL encryption for its users.

This NZB site contains more than 900,000 NZB’s and its growing. The site also has thousands of members so you can discuss with them and get support. Variety of filters and checks allow you to search your desired NZBs in minutes. The paid account gives you access to features like Unlimited downloads, bookmarks and download basket.
This NZB site is made by users for users, so they don’t charge you extra, and you only pay for maintenance and servers cost, if you sign up for a paid account.

GingaDaddy accepts the payment through only PayPal and Bitcoin. The site does not support the Credit/Debit card payment. The site charges you for 17$ only, and this money is used to maintain the servers and site.

Users get access to the forum. Both free and paid users can use the forum. The forum has a user-friendly interface. Users get a chance to interact with the other subscriber.
GingaDaddy users’ forum is divided into four Areas

  • General
  • Support
  • Exclusive Members Area is limited to paid users only.
  • FAQ section answers all the common issues and problems.

Security & Privacy
GingaDaddy uses 256-SSL encryption to protect its users. SSL encryption ensures your online security. However, there are also some flaws in the Security department of this site.
Anyone can sign up for GingaDaddy and can have a free account with limited features. But the site administration does not confirm that if the email is valid or not.
The information shared on the forums are from the public for the public so the site does not take any responsibility for any damage. You are at risk when you get files from the forum. GingaDaddy will also not be responsible for the loss, unauthorized access and misuse of data just like other NZB indexers.
The Bright side is you can always check the users’ comments and reviews in the details. If the files are harmful, you will know.

Customer Support
GingaDaddy provides customer support to its users through email. Users can contact the customer support at
Customer Support is not available for 24/7 and Customer support will get back to you in 3-5 working days.
Customer support also lacks the features like live chat and video chat.
There is also issue with the down times, this year GingaDaddy faces downtime issues for the combined duration of 2 days and 7 hours. The most of the times website works fine and serves the users.
There is also need to improve the website as the website is very basic and provide no information visitors about the website and features they offer.

GingaDaddy is arguably one of the best NZB sites. It gives the best experience to its users at relatively low price. GingaDaddy can improve in some areas like privacy and customer support. Overall they offer the premium services for 17$ only. Users can sign up for a free account but the account is limited to some features, but you can always sign up for the paid package and use the VIP features. If you are looking for quality NZB site with affordable price, we recommend GingaDaddy. If you are not sure, Sign up for a free account and check if this site meets your requirements or not. Join today!

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