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Eweka is one of the best Usenet Provider in Europe. Eweka was launched in 2001. It is a Netherlands Based Company. The Company major operations are run from its Data center facility in Amsterdam. The company is known for its Quality and Affordability. They provide attractive yet affordable packages for their customers. The company connects you to over 125,000+ Newsgroups, and with built-in Usenet search, you can download any data you want with full privacy and security.
The Company has super-fast privately owned 600 GB/s backbone. Because of their backbone, they provide an excellent internet connection. Which leads you to shortest routes, lowest ping times, the highest possible speed. All these features sum up to the most stable download connections in the Usenet Industry.

The Company offers 3094 days of retention period on all newsgroups. Eweka offers Unlimited Data transfer so there will be no restriction you can use data with no limitation. The company offers connection speed of 50 Mbps on Standard Account and 300 Mbps on High Speed and Subscription Account which is quite impressive.


Pricing & Packages
The company offers 2 packages for its users. These packages are prepaid so that the customer will pay in advance for days of access.

Standard Account is the basic package. This package offers 50 Mbps connection speed. The package includes

  • 3094 days Retention period
  • Access to 125,000+ newsgroups
  • High-Quality worldwide news feed exchange
  • Completion rate of 99.5%
  • No Data Usage Limit
  • Privacy
  • 8 Connections per account
  • Access to Control Panel
  • Customer support via email
  • Account sharing

The standard package is good for people who are new to Usenet and starting. For the standard package, you will have to pay 7,60 euros for 30 days access.

High-Speed Account is the Premium Account which caters the pro users. This package offers 300 Mbps speed which is just awesome. The Package includes the following features

  • 3094 days Retention period
  • Access to 125,000+ newsgroups
  • High-Quality worldwide news feed exchange
  • Completion rate of 99.5%
  • No Data Usage Limit
  • Privacy
  • 20 Connections per account
  • Access to Control Panel
  • Customer support via email
  • High-speed Account lives up to expectations of the users. With a High-speed account, you will get 300 Mbps speed. It is the power pack to fulfill the requirements for all type of users.
  • You can have this package for 9,60 Euros per Month. Please notice that Account sharing is not allowed in High-Speed Account.

Eweka is also offering another package with the same features as for High-Speed Account but for discounted rate of 7,50 euros per Month.


Free Trial
The company offers 7 days free trial to all its new customers. All you have to provide is email. Eweka trial system is remarkable because you will experience the best, the company can offer without giving any payment information. However, Their Free trial is limited to One IP only; you can’t use the account from the multiple IPs.



Retention & Completion
Eweka offers 3094 days of retention period on all of its newsgroups. The company has very reliable Usenet service with 99.5% completion rate which is the highest completion in rate in the region.

Connection & Speed
Eweka offers high-speed internet connection speed up to 600 GB/s thanks to their trans-Atlantic Backbone. Which leads you to shortest routes to various Usenet newsgroups all over the world, lowest ping times, the highest possible speed. All these features sum up to the most stable download connections in the Usenet Industry.

The company offers unlimited data transfer on all subscription plans. Customers can enjoy unlimited data transfer with connection speed up to 300 Mbps on premium package and 50 Mbps on Standard Package. The user can have up to 20 Connections per account on Premium Account and 8 connections on Standard Account. Account sharing is allowed on the Standard package.


Features & Search Clients
Eweka is Tier-1 Usenet provider which means they have total control of their infrastructure. The company offers high-speed connections to their customers. They provide affordable and Quality services to their clients. The Company offers the best online security by offering 256-bit SSL encryption to all users. They have very secure Servers with the state of the Art security.

The company offers Unlimited Data transfer which is awesome, and you can use unlimited data with High-speed connections. The company offers 125,000+ newsgroup access to its users with a high retention period of 3094 days.

The company offer a complete privacy to its users and do not share your online data and activities with anyone. The company has been around for more than a decade, and there is no single issue of a privacy leak.

Eweka work on Pre-paid system. It means that a person has to purchase days of access to his/her account in advance. The company used some of the reliable and advance payment systems. It means you can start using the company services just minutes after your payment. The company sends you a reminder email 3 days before your account expires.

The company offers the following payment methods
iDEAL is a payment system. It was introduced in 2005 in Netherlands. iDEAL is available with all Dutch banks.

PayPal is a direct Payment method. It is a very popular payment method. You will need to have PayPal account to use this method for payment. It also allows you to use a Recurring payment.
Mistercash is a direct payment method.It works on the principles of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Mistercash is available on all major Belgium Banks.

SMS is a direct payment method. Using SMS, you can purchase 1 day of access for 1.10 euros. This service is only available from the Netherlands with number 3669.

Bank Transfers is also acceptable as for payment methods. It can take up to 5 working days to complete. Available from the all Local and Foreign Banks.

Giropay is a direct payment method. Available from all major German Banks.
Carte Bleue is also major debit card payment system which operates in France. Carte Bleue allows transactions without requiring authorization from the cardholder’s bank.
Unfortunately, there is no anonymous payment system such as Bitcoin, Ethereum but we hope that it will be added soon.

Using VPN with your Usenet makes you anonymous, an ISP can’t track your online activities. Eweka doesn’t have their VPN service. However, you can use 3rd Party VPN service.


Eweka offers Free Newsreader to its users. It is fast and reliable. It also allows the users to automate the downloading. Newsreader has a friendly interface and allows you to search files with ease. Newsreader has easy setup all you have to do to enter your username and password, and you are good to go.

NZB compatibility
NZB is an XML-based file format. It is used to retrieve posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers. Eweka is compatible with the NZB file format. NZB tester allows you to open and use NZB files.


Customer Support
Eweka Customer support is available via Online FAQs and email. FAQ provides answers to all common question. You can contact the customer support by email. You can submit the details about the problem in the online form available under the support tab.

Usually, Email returned in 1-3 working days however when we emailed it took 5 hours for Support to get back to us which is great. The Company offers its customer support in 4 different languages. Eweka provides support in English, Dutch, German and French. They have friendly staff, and staff reply to every query thoroughly.

Eweka is an excellent Usenet provider. The company offers high-speed yet secure, reliable Usenet access to its customers at very affordable price. They offer unlimited data transfer with blizzard 300 MB speed which is just awesome. Their retention period is higher than any other service providers in the region.
Their Customer support is excellent. Offering Support in four major languages of the region is remarkable. Their 7 day trial period is also very convenient and easy to use. We also appreciate the security measures by the company. Their Privacy policy is very clear
You can’t sign-up if you are coming from the United states IP, you will be blocked. But you can use VPN to signup, once you connect you can use the services anywhere from the world.
You will get high-speed up to 300 MB which is amazing, with a retention period of 3094 days and 99.5% completion rate, 256 bit SSL Encryption, 20 connections, state of the art security and privacy, exceptional customer support sums up to a Great package. So if you are from the Europe and looking for a Great package, you should try the Eweka. You can use their services for a week without any charges. We recommend the Eweka to the European users.

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