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Among the multitude of NZB sites, NzbPlanet is one of the most popular and widely used. Since inception on 2012, NzbPlanet has been providing more than 200 thousand users with a top of the line service through NZBs numbering more than two million.

Operating on the Newsnab technology, NzbPlanet is a community-based site because members help to increase its quality and popularity, helping it to achieve higher ranks. It uses the Usenet NZB platform and is fully automatic.
Apart from giving users a free account option, NzbPlanet also offer users top quality features such as an builtin calendar that shows users update about new releases. These and other exciting functions available for the VIP account holders make the site a favorite of many people. A Usenet Service provider and an NzbPlanet account are required to use the platform.

Highlights of NzbPlanet

  • The site is a platform for searching NZBIt has an index of over two million NZBs
  • The site has over 200 active groups
  • The free account has ads
  • The platform accepts Bitcoin and Credit card payments
  • Five NZBs per day for free account
  • Unlimited downloads for VIP accounts
  • Features search in categories for easy access.
  • NZBPlanet


NzbPlanet offers limited and unlimited services for different categories of accounts. With a free account, users have a retention period of 200 days and can download only five NZBs daily, and have limited access to forums and API. The paid accounts, however, provide users with 1500 days of retention, unlimited NZB download, access to VIP forums and API calls.
NzbPlanet does not host any files. A link to the files on the Usenet newsgroups is what comes up where you will find files. This is the reason why having a Usenet Newsgroup provider account is a requirement for using NzbPlanet website. TweakNews is a Usenet Newsgroups Provider that gives users retention of over 3,195 days.

Types of Account.
NzbPlanet offers users four types of accounts which include:

  • Free Account
  • VIP Account
  • Platinum Account
  • Lifetime Account

Free Account
The free account gives you membership of the NzbPlanet site without being charged. It is ideal for users who do not require heavy content or who are only interested in learning how the platform operates. The free account gives users a limited download of 5 NZBs per day and with 200 days of retention. Holders of the free account can’t access API but can participate in some forums.

VIP Account.
Coming with a $9 per annum membership fee, the VIP Account is a premium membership that provides users with exciting features such as unlimited daily NZB downloads and retention of over 2000 days. The VIP account also gives users access to 5000 API calls daily and five invites. It is the most common account type used by many customers of the NzbPlanet.

Platinum Account
Users pay a yearly fee of $19 for the membership of the Platinum account. In addition to the features of the VIP account, users in this category can make 20,000 API calls per day.

Lifetime Account
The Lifetime account provides users with a life membership and requires paying $80 once. The Lifetime membership account comes with all the features of the Platinum account but with 50 invites.

Ease of Use
First, you need to download and install the NzbPlanet software on your computer or device. Next, you will need to open an account of your choice. You are also required to open an account with a Usenet Newsgroup Provider like TweakNews. When this is accomplished, go to your dashboard and use the Usenet Search tab to search for any keyword or key phrase you wish to download. From the results that appear, click on the NZB file that you want. Download the file and open on your Usenet Newsgroup Provider for download. Files that can be downloaded include audio, video, TV clips, e-books and so on. After downloading, simply save the file on your computer and import the NZB file into your Usenet provider application.

NzbPlanet’s API integration makes it a leading indexer available at the moment. Using the API integration feature, NZB data can be accessed and indexed by software developers, giving them the opportunity to incorporate it into their software. NzbPlanet can be integrated with apps using the Couchpotato or Sickbeard app, and some other NZB applications.

NzbPlanet is an indexer with a robust security system. One major concern of using indexers is the fear of security breaches that can result from the platforms. Indexers have been linked with security challenges such as the HeartBleed bug and others in the past. NzbPlanet uses a CloudFlare system and SHA-1 SSL certificate to secure its operations and users’ privacy is protected with the HTTPS protocol.

Customer Support
NzbPlanet has a responsive customer support to help users solve any challenges they face while using the site. Users can contact support using the contact form or via email. The customer support responds within one hour and is active during office hours.

Another great feature of NzbPlanet is its forum. The forum is an avenue where users can relate and share ideas about their experience while using the site’s services or the discussions, and it is also a platform where users help themselves to solve their NZB related problems. Users can participate in six different categories of the forum which include:

  • NzbPlanet board
  • Usenet and Newsgroups
  • Community
  • News
  • Reviews
  • Recent posts
  • News

With over five years of excellent service, NzbPlanet has proved to be a leader in the automated NZB indexing industry. Through its different categories of membership, the site has been able to cultivate a large user base of over 200 thousand loyalists. The site continues to be a user’s favorite with its free membership, high retention, API integration and secure system. With it’s easy to use interface and account upgrade options, users can’t stop giving the indexer high ratings. NzbPlanet is surely one of the best choice of indexers around and will give you value for your investment.

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